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Professional Binding Services

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Efficient Automatic Box Gluing Services
Our high-speed box gluing machine efficiently assembles and folds boxes. We handle a maximum box width of 560 mm when unfolded, streamlining your packaging process.


Precision Paper Folding
We offer automated folding services, perfect for creating folders, magazine components, and booklets with precision and speed.


Saddle Stitching for Multi-Page Documents
Our automatic saddle stitching service is ideal for assembling folders and multi-page documents, providing a professional finish.


Durable Hardcover Binding
We specialize in hardcover binding, covering book covers with a variety of materials like paper, canvas, or artificial leather, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal.


Reliable Softcover Binding
Our perfect binding technique uses strong PUR glue, offering a dependable solution for softcover books.


Elegant Hotstamping and Gilding
Our hotstamping service provides a luxurious touch to your materials, with a range of foil colors including gold, silver, and red. We also offer a wide selection of foils for custom projects.


Creative Dry Embossing
Add a unique and elegant touch to your paper products with our dry embossing service, ideal for creating visually interesting patterns and branding elements.


Professional Laminating Services
We laminate cardboard or paper to create sturdy advertising materials, perfect for custom boxes or advertising stands.


Custom Die Cutting
Our die-cutting service precisely shapes cardboard and paper, using specialized cutting forms for unique designs.

Innovative Box Prototyping

We offer custom box prototyping, ensuring that your packaging is perfectly suited to your product needs and standards.

Spiral Binding Solutions for Flexible Document Handling
Offering durable and versatile spiral binding services, ideal for workbooks, manuals, and presentations.

Wire-O Binding for Professional Presentations
Experience our Wire-O binding services for a sleek, professional look in reports, proposals, and calendars.

UV Coating and Finishing
Enhance durability and appearance with UV Coating, adding a high-quality gloss or matte finish to your prints.

Binders for Efficient Organization
Discover our range of binders, perfect for organizing documents. Available in various sizes and materials. Features include ring mechanisms, customizable sleeves or additional pockets for extra storage.

Padding Services for Versatile Paper Products
ideal for creating a wide array of paper products, including notepads, forms, checklists, and desk planners. Sheets glued at one edge, offering smooth and easy individual page removal.
Customize your desk planners with us, tailored to fit any desk or workspace.

Expert Manual Labor Services
Specializing in precise hand-assembling, sticker application, and custom packing. Our skilled team excels in detailed inserting and gluing tasks, ensuring meticulous attention to every project for superior quality and presentation.

Contact us for top-notch printing and binding solutions, tailored to your unique requirements.

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