Our Team is creating unique set of skills


We are engaged both in the production and printing of advertising POS materials  on all surfaces up to 1 mm thickness.  Our plant publishes books, make catalogues, brochures, posters, leaflets, flyers, display, boxes and many others.

Our printing machines are: HEIDELBERG – CD 102 V + L (four colours + dispersal varnish), B1 format – (max sheet format 720 x 1020mm), HEIDELBERG PrintMaster – SW 4 colour prints up to 0,6 mm thick. One side of sheet, one run and two sides at once, for instance: 4+0 or 2+2 colours up to B2+ size (max sheet size 740 x 530mm), super print quality, perfect fitting, great speed up to 15 000 sheets per hour.

We print on various surfaces from thin LWC 50 – 80g papers, through chalky papers and cardboards of different substance up to 1 mm thickness, ie. ‘beer’ cardboard for beer coasters. Moreover, we print on diverse non-absorbent materials ie. self-adhesive foils, also hard white and transparent or metallized foils, paper or cardboard. High quality prints on 3D lens (lenticular foil) for stereoscopic vision effects. We do print directly on a 1 mm three-layered corrugated (G-wave) board.


Digital print up to 330 x 730 mm size of sheet of foil or paper completes the whole set to make also low quantity jobs.

Later we can refine the print, on client’s order, with a glossy or matt foil with UV varnish, dispersal or offset-oil varnishes. We laminate surfaces of papers and foils, dye cut, glue – also unit boxes with an automatic fold & glue machine. Our firm possesses an automatic lines for brochure binding (sewing line with metal staples) and glued binding, perfect binding, also cardboard sheet lamination machine, foil lamination and hotstamping press.
We are constantly developing, investing in new technologies, CTP technology presence since 2004, which significantly facilitate your cooperation with our printing office.

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