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Machines for sale

We would like to offer our machines for sale, that are in good and working condition
Folding machine GUK K72/4 KL-R4

Sheet size format up to B1 (1000x700 mm), 4 cassettes,
2 knives.


Streaming application.


Production year: 1988


Working condition.

Laminating machine up to B0 sheet size

Laminating machine glues two surfaces together, such as corrugated boards, cartons, papers, foils up to B0 sheet size.


Feeding: Automatic bottom sheet feeding, manual top sheet feeding.

Produced in: China (05.2009)


Efficent machine, mint condition,
in production.

It is possible to see above machines in production proccess at our plant located in Warsaw, Poland, from monday to friday 10:00 am - 4:00 pm


Contact phone: +48 602 237 342 (polish / english / german language)

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